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Brain training is one of the most exciting areas of the booming brain fitness market. Tools to increase your brainpower and enhance your memory are popping up all over the place.

Scientifically designed brain games, as well as brain fitness software, can boost your cognitive abilities whether you're a Boomer, a student or if you're like us and just want a better brain.

So, whether you're looking for a brain friendly directory and community or the best brain training for kids, we'll point you in the right direction. Have a look around, you'll find the best sites to take a free iq test, cognitive fitness programs that can make you sharper and don't forget to meet out founder, Erin Matlock.

Go ahead, give your brain some exercise today and enjoy your adventures in brain training!


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Do Musicians Have Bigger Brains?

The following is a guest article written by Alex Doman, CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies and author of the new book – Healing At The Speed Of Sound. Musicians have bigger brains? The short answer is Yes. In recent years, due in large part to advances in functional brain imaging a new wave of research has revealed how sound shapes the brain. Let me touch on just a few of the findings. Studies... Read more

A Brain At Rest Learns Best?

Researchers have found that your brain is still hard at work long after you’ve checked out for some rest and relaxation. Cognitive neuroscientist Lila Davachi, from New York University, found that a resting brain, even if still awake, is constantly performing meaningful functions. She added that taking a short recess may actually help contribute to work or school performance. Her study was conducted... Read more

The Moon Illusion – Photos From Last Night

The Moon Illusion, Phoenix, AZ. ©Erin Matlock Last night I headed out for a hike around sunset to catch The Moon Illusion. This phenomenon occurs once or twice a year when the moon is at its closest point to us – and is full. Doing a search on the web turns up quite a few different explanations for the illusion – and a great deal of debate. There is one agreement, though. It is a... Read more

Is Alzheimer’s Another Form Of Diabetes?

I’ve been watching a progression of studies over the past several months which examine the relationship of diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease. An article on WebMD states, “Diabetes and Other Insulin Issues at Age 50 May Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Decades Later.” The article is based on a study led by Elina Ronnemaa, MD, of Sweden’s Uppsala University. The study... Read more

9 Reasons Golf Is Good For Your Brain

Golf is a game that not only challenges your physical skill but also your ability to stay calm and focused. It turns out, it’s also a great way to boost your brain power. No matter what your handicap, golf can provide a fun, social way to stimulate your brain, increase your self esteem and sharpen your concentration. Here’s how. 1) Increased Blood Flow To The Brain Whenever your body is... Read more

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where all we had to do was watch someone’s nose to see if they were being truthful? If you’re like me, you’ve had that sinking suspicion at one time or another that you were being deceived. The only trouble is that we often don’t have the proof to call the person out. While I can’t give you a crystal ball to look into, I can... Read more

Who Needs The Gym When You’ve Got Neurobics?

What is Neurobics? It’s a system of brain exercises developed by Lawrence Katz, Ph. D. which is designed to improve brain function and spur cognitive development. The great thing about neurobics is that no special equipment is needed, instead the exercises are incorporated with daily activities you already do. We do certain things habitually, (I lift my glass with the same hand, sleep on the... Read more

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