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Brain training is one of the most exciting areas of the booming brain fitness market. Tools to increase your brainpower and enhance your memory are popping up all over the place.

Scientifically designed brain games, as well as brain fitness software, can boost your cognitive abilities whether you're a Boomer, a student or if you're like us and just want a better brain.

So, whether you're looking for a brain friendly directory and community or the best brain training for kids, we'll point you in the right direction. Have a look around, you'll find the best sites to take a free iq test, cognitive fitness programs that can make you sharper and don't forget to meet out founder, Erin Matlock.

Go ahead, give your brain some exercise today and enjoy your adventures in brain training!


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How To Ask For What You Want And Get It

I am very excited to share this special invitation. Expert psychologist, Dr. Drema Dial, is holding a free tele-class for women called: “The Secret To Asking For What You Want And Getting It…Every Time” (You men who are reading this don’t worry. We’ll have something just for you a little later.) Now, ladies, get ready for this powerful, enlightening hour that will show... Read more

Do Musicians Have Bigger Brains?

The following is a guest article written by Alex Doman, CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies and author of the new book – Healing At The Speed Of Sound. Musicians have bigger brains? The short answer is Yes. In recent years, due in large part to advances in functional brain imaging a new wave of research has revealed how sound shapes the brain. Let me touch on just a few of the findings. Studies... Read more

Healing At The Speed Of Sound

The click of keys on a typewriter. The buzz of cars outside your window. The sound of silence. Sound is everywhere, it is universal and it is one of the most powerful tools you have access to in your life. From your morning commute to your workout mix, to the last sounds you hear as you fall asleep, sound can vastly impact your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being — in both positive... Read more

Colored Overlays for Irlen Syndrome – Do They Work? (My Personal Story)

Yesterday a story appeared in Reuters discussing a new study arguing that special colored overlays used by children with Irlen Syndrome may not provide immediate improvement in reading skills. If you are not familiar with Irlen Syndrome, it is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. It can affect academic and work performance, behavior, attention, the ability to sit... Read more

Do You Need A Mind Sparke?

Do you have 19 days to dramatically improve your brain? Martin G. Walker, the creator of the brain training software called Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro, is asking just that. When you click over to the home page, you will notice a distinct lack of gloss and flash. The pared down design gets straight to the benefits of the program and is reflective of Walker’s philosophy – let the science... Read more

101 Excellent Resources And Tools For Students Of Any Age

Whether you’re a student just starting the school year or you’re a lifelong learner like me, you’ll find resources, tools and a ton of fun stuff to stash in your virtual backpack. If you find these resources helpful, please share this post with your friends. I would greatly appreciate it. Before you begin, make sure you Grab Your Free Brain Training Power Pack. Increase Your IQ Score... Read more

Fill In The Gap Puzzle #1

Take a look at the following sequence of letters. Can you figure out which letter replaces the question mark?   E   J  ?   T   How about which number replaces the question mark in this sequence of numbers?   5,  7,   ?  17,   25   And one more with letters again?   R   N   ?   F   Please leave your answers in the comments.... Read more

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