101 Excellent Resources And Tools For Students Of Any Age


Math Skills

Analyze Math Academically-oriented math learning site. Online geometry calculators and solvers, plus free practice for ACT and SAT tests.

Math Mystery Games for all arithmetic operations. A good site for boosting students’ math grades.

Illuminations Are you a teacher? Here are 105 online math activities, including proofs and other math learning games.

Cryptic Math Puzzles Cryptic math puzzles, cryptarithmetic, cryptarithms, alphametics.

Really Hard Math Puzzles Enjoy playing games with math? These will challenge even the most skilled math whiz.

Math Contests Problem of the Week contest and other math questions. Some of these are part of the White House Math Challenge.

Braingle 100s of math puzzles that require computations to solve.

Learning for Kids

Bullying Help Advice for handling a bully.

PBSkids.org Free learning activities from Public Broadcasting.

Neuroscience for Kids Quick answers to questions like, How Long Is the Spinal Cord? What does a neuroscientist really do? How big is a neuron?

FunBrain Flash arcades for math and grammar. Web books, comics, and much more.

e-Learning for Kids Fun, thoughtful activities for kids of any grade.

Learning Games for Kids Word games, geography games, keyboarding games and more.

Starfall Learn to read with phonics.

Play Kids Games Memory games, geography, puzzles and much more for pre-K through middle school.

Intro to the Sky Beginning astronomy for kids. Learn about meteors, comets, the Northern Lights, and other sky info.

Cool Math Games Geometry puzzles, matchstick puzzles and paradoxes galore.

Sheppard Software Games for Kids World geography, animal games, animal information pages and more.

Nick.com Nickelodeon’s free online site for kids.

Teen Nick Nickelodeon for teens.

Science Games for Kids Games involving animals, plants, biology, physic, space and more.

Earth Science for Kids Earth science games, for kids only.

How to Draw Cartoon Animals Simple instructions for kids on how to draw cartoon animals.

Discovery.com This is the Discovery channel’s site for kids. Play learning games like Crazy Eyeball, Hierogenerator, Mummy Maker, and Beach Blanket Invaders.

BBC for Kids Math, English and science for 5 – 11 year olds.

Kaboose Science games for kids.

Learning Disabilities Info on what a learning disability is, and how to get started coping if you have one.

Understanding Dyslexia Understand what dyslexia is, find out if you have it, and how to get help.

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Erin Matlock About the author, Erin Matlock
Erin Matlock is and advocate, speaker and advisor working in the brain health and mental health markets. Catch up with her at ErinMatlock.com.

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  1. Great site. Unfortunately after I took the hearing pitch test (26 snippets of songs!), I got NO test results no matter what I did. :( Disappointed.


  2. Nice list Erin!
    May I suggest Cogn-IQ as a valuable resource for students? This website is for Psychologists, Teachers, Educators, Students, and everyone interested in the fields that are related to testing and understanding cognitive abilities.

  3. Really great list! I am the developer of WordStash, which is also a valuable educational tool. It combines flashcards and a dictionary and uses games and quizzing to help you learn.

  4. Erin, Awesome list! I also wanted to mention Read Print as a helpful student resource. We offer over 8,000 classic books that anyone can read online for free…and, we were named one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Sites of 2010.


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