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Circle Word Games #1

Circle word games are brain teasers that I loved growing up, and I thought I’d start sharing them with you. For those of you who’ve never seen these before, your task is to find the hidden word within each circle. There is one answer per circle. The word can start at any position, and it can either go clockwise or counter-clockwise. Here’s an example:   The answer is “anywhere”... Read more

Can You Solve This Brain Teaser?

Last night I spent the evening with some of my family who live nearby. I cooked a big pot of chicken and sausage gumbo, and we had a fantastic time catching up. As I sat down on the couch after devouring a sugar cookie for dessert, my uncle handed me one of those big legal note pads. On it was a brain teaser that a friend had sent him via email. In my sugared brain fog, I worked through it and thought... Read more

Do You Use Computer Based Brain Training Programs?

Over 400 of you voted in our last poll, and today we have a new poll up! Do you currently use computer based brain training programs for your brain exercise? Some examples are Lumosity, MindSparke, Posit Science programs, Cognifit etc. Simply choose yes or no and let us know. Read more  Read More →

Take The Brain Training Poll

We’re starting a new feature here at Brain Training 101 – Polls! Periodically we’ll have a new poll up on the homepage and would love to see your answers. Here’s our first one. What Are Your Brain Concerns? Memory Improvement (76%, 315 Votes) Increase IQ (50%, 209 Votes) Alzheimer's Prevention (38%, 158 Votes) Depression And Other Mental Illness (31%, 129 Votes) Gain... Read more

A Quick Personality Quiz

Here is a 41 question personality quiz that takes no more than 5 minutes. It’s definitely not scientific, but it’s a fun diversion when you need a break. Here are my results: Personality Type: Reliable Realist Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting... Read more

How Fast Is Your Reaction Time?

Feeling tired? How’s it affecting your reaction time? Try this interactive game and see just how quick (or in my case) slow you respond. Read more  Read More →

Are You Right-Brained Or Left-Brained?

  JOIN US FOR AN EXCLUSIVE (LIMITED TIME) FREE ONLINE TRAINING: Click Here For A Free Brain Training Event   We use both hemispheres of our brain, but theory has it that one side is usually dominant. Take this quiz to see if you favor your right or left brain. Click here to take the test. The test is free, and you can even see your basic results without entering an email address. I took the... Read more

The Jastrow Illusion

Which of these objects is bigger? The answer may surprise you. The two objects are actually identical even though the bottom one looks larger. This is an optical effect called the Jastrow Illusion. Click here to watch an animation of this illusion. You can also check out this short video for a demonstration.   Image Source  Read More →

Play The Simon Says Memory Game

Did you have one of these growing up? Try this replica of the classic memory game, Simon.   Simon made by Neave Games The object of the game is to memorize the pattern of lights and sounds and then repeat them. You can use your mouse or the following keys. Red Light – R Green Light – G Blue Light – B Yellow Light – Y Quit Game – Q Mute – M  Read More →

Do You Jump To Conclusions?

Look at the picture. The words have been partially covered, but go ahead and read them anyway. What do they say? Check out Exploratorium’s Brain Explorer to see if you were right or if you were just jumping to conclusions. By the way, I guessed wrong. Really interesting. Let me know how you did!    Read More →

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