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Which ADHD Software Will Work For You?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a condition affecting 4-7% of school aged children here in the United States. Some common symptoms include: Trouble Paying Attention Impulsive Behavior Easily Distracted Forgetting Things I received a comment from Kathy W. asking my opinion on brain training software and tools aimed at individuals with ADHD. This is a topic I haven’t covered... Read more

Can Brain Training Make You A Better Driver?

If you’ve noticed your driving skills slipping, have been in a recent car accident, or if you’re like me and have trouble seeing well at night, you may benefit from specialized brain training. Whether you’re a novice starting out or a senior at risk of losing the independence that comes with driving, there are certain programs designed to improve your focus, attention and reaction... Read more

Brain Fitness Pro For The iPhone

For those of you Mind Sparke fans out there, you can now take your training on the go. The company has just released its own app for the iPhone. It retails for $3.99, and you can check it out at the iTunes Store. The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation). Below you can see two of the program’s screenshots. Currently I am not an iPhone user, so I found a Brain Training... Read more

What’s The Difference Between Mind Sparke And Lumosity?

I have received a number of emails asking me to review the difference between Mind Sparke and Lumosity – two popular brain training programs. They each base their training on scientifically designed systems. Both are featured at brain gyms throughout the country and they are two of the more affordable options on the market. So how do you choose which one is right for you? Mind Sparke focuses... Read more

Brain Fitness For Seniors

Holy Cow! I could still hear the exclamation used by DakimĀ® CEO Dan Michel in my head hours after I finished my brain training session. It’s just one of the encouraging phrases he uses to keep you motivated throughout your daily training session with the BrainFitness System. Dakim is widely known in the senior living community where its BrainFitness System enjoys the number 1 spot among brain... Read more

Kickstart Your Brain With Brain Fitness Boot Camp

So, you’ve played around with the brain games. Read the studies. Thought about picking up a brain training program, but for some reason just have not started a personal brain fitness program. The brain training world is exploding right now, and I get emails every week from brain training/brain fitness companies introducing themselves. There are so many great products on the market, and I will... Read more

How I Improved My Productivity, Strengthened My Working Memory And Increased My IQ Score By 12 Points In 19 Days

For those of you who followed the daily updates of my 19 day test trial of Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro, you’ll know exactly what this is about. To those just joining in, you may want to check out the full Mind Sparke trial. I committed to 19 days of intense brain training in an attempt to see what Martin G. Walker’s program could do for me. The short story: It was hard work, but the... Read more

Do Brain Games Really Make You Smarter?

Brain games are popping up everywhere these days, and the claims associated with them can seem a little too good to be true. Brain games won’t make you a genius, but certain ones have been shown to improve your working memory and increase your fluid intelligence. Lumosity is a brain training program with scientifically designed games that aim to improve brain function — which can begin... Read more