How Fast Is Your Reaction Time?


Feeling tired? How’s it affecting your reaction time? Try this interactive game and see just how quick (or in my case) slow you respond.

Sheep Dash

The goal of Sheep Dash is to click the tranquilizer as soon as you see a sheep start to make a run for it. Five will cross the lawn before you get a score which ranges from Sluggish snail to Turbo-charged cheetah.

Get a slow score and the game will ask you to enjoy a cup of coffee and try again. I can’t seem to score higher than a Bobbing bobcat. Let me know how you did in the comments. Anyone here a cheetah?

Click here to play the game.


Erin Matlock About the author, Erin Matlock
Erin Matlock is and advocate, speaker and advisor working in the brain health and mental health markets. Catch up with her at

6 Comments On This Post

  1. my friend got rocketing rabbit!

  2. i turned out to be a bobbing bobcat. :)

  3. Okaii So I Need A Coffe Or Energy Drink xD
    I Blame Being At 6th Form All Day :P

  4. I came out top trumps on this :D

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  5. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I love this one. The results suggested I go get a cup of coffee ; )

    Tori Deaux´s last blog post..Anyone Up For Some After-Thanksgiving Pi?


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