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My Interview With Martin G. Walker – Creator of Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro

Posted By Erin On January 27, 2009 @ 5:21 pm In New | 5 Comments



Note: the entire interview can be heard by scrolling down to the play button below.

This morning I had an interesting interview with Martin G. Walker, the creator of Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro [2]. Aside from being an incredibly nice guy, I found him to be extremely down to earth.

A few days back, I sent him a list of questions I had in mind and he agreed to all of them. I know I’ve mentioned before that Martin is accessible and customer focused, and I just have to say it again here. He put no restrictions on this interview. Gave me no time limit. He was open to whatever I threw him.

I certainly appreciated that, and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Some of the highlights from the interview include:

  • How the idea for Brain Fitness Pro came up
  • Martin explains some of the findings of the Jaeggi study which the program is based on
  • What age groups do best with the training
  • Whether the program is right for students getting ready for the SAT
  • The differences between Brain Fitness Pro and programs like Lumosity
  • What kind of improvement to expect after 19 days
  • The surprising improvement that users are experiencing other than intelligence point gains
  • What’s in the next version (and do we have to pay for the upgrade?)
  • When the MAC version is expected


You can listen to the entire interview by double clicking the play button below.



For those of you following my 19 day trial [4], I completed Day 15 today. I’ll make a new post on Day 20 with my final n-back score, thoughts about the process and a final review.

As per Martin’s suggestion I will give myself a week off to consolidate the gains, and then I will post my post test results and final review.


My 19 day trial is now finished! You can view my complete results by clicking here [5].

Thanks for following along, and please leave any questions you may have for Martin or myself in the comments below.

You can learn more or purchase Mind Sparke by clicking here. [2]

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