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Brain Fitness AppsYou may remember from my
Drive Sharp review that I asked Posit Science CEO Steven Aldrich if the company had plans to release an iPhone app. He couldn’t give me a yes or no which led me to believe the company was at least seriously considering it if not already into development.

For me it’s a no brainer. Brain fitness apps have become extremely popular, and any company serious about building (or maintaining) its reputation within the brain improvement community should realize the power of building them.

They’re a low cost way to take your training with you, and they serve as a nice taste of what a company has to offer.

Posit chose to focus on memory, specifically name recall, for its app. It’s called iKnowYou, and it’s free!

The iKnowYou application aims to improve your ability to associate names and faces. It gives you a list of important people to train with and also allows you to take photos of people you know to use in your practice.

I’d love to see Posit develop its apps for the BlackBerry also (hint hint hint), but for now this one is only available for the iPhone and Ipod Touch.

You can check out the app on iTunes.





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  1. Yes, yes! I want to see the iKnowYou for the Blackberry!


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