Ten Places To Train Your Brain For Free


Whether you’re just getting started on your brain training regimen, or you’re deep in the thick of it, variety can be the thing that keeps you going.

I’ve put together 10 fantastic free resources to give you a taste of what’s available with just the quick click of your mouse. Get comfortable, take a little break and dig into some quality free brain training.

1) Brain Training and Memory Improvement by Jim Kwik

Brain Games

A free, 3 part video masterclass that shows you how Fortune 500 CEOs and Hollywood celebrities supercharge their brain.


2) Brain Games by Brain Pages

Brain Games

An extensive collection of free brain games split into sections including logic, puzzles and brain training.


3) Soak Your Head

Dual n Back Task

“A free application of the popular dual n back working memory trainer. You can play online or download to your own computer.”

4) FitBrains

Fit Brains

“Offers a large collection of Brain Games, brain health information and other fun features!”

5) The Original Memory Gym

Memory Gym

“Welcome to memorise.org. Improving people’s ability to remember and recall information is our goal. We have tips on how to improve your memory and tools to help you practise putting it to use!”

6) Brainwaves


“These brain-training exercises are formatted as stimulating puzzles. They are designed to help develop mental skills…”

7) Brain Connection

Brain Connection

“Posit Science brings you this interactive website aimed at introducing you to the booming field of brain fitness.”

8) Rinkworks Brain Food


“Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles. There are hundreds, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Some are tricky. Some require innovation. All require thinking power.”

9) Thinks.com


“The Internet’s most entertaining puzzles are here: Sudoku, riddles, anagrams, doublets, picture puzzles, chess problems, trivia, math puzzles, logic puzzles …and more!”

10) HAPPYneuron


“HAPPYneuron brings you Brain Fitness through entertaining games that are fun and scientifically developed and validated to challenge your brain and keep it in top gear at all times.”

Erin Matlock About the author, Erin Matlock
Erin Matlock is and advocate, speaker and advisor working in the brain health and mental health markets. Catch up with her at ErinMatlock.com.

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  3. What a great collection of games the Happy Neuron website is very good for adults and children to have fun with especially liked the Ladybird game. It was much harder than I thought it would be but great fun. Bookmarked the page to try more of them later when I have some free time. Many thanks.

  4. Great list there, time to get training I guess!

    I will be poping back for some more of these, there great!

  5. I have been working in the brain fitness space since 2001 and we have come along way. There has been significant scientific studies over the last 5 years that illustrate how we can maintain and develop our cognitive skills through our lifespan. Our company has started to launch pilots that provide more efficacy to our software. I truly believe the next 5 years will see a lot of positive developments in this area.



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