The Five Best Sites To Take A Free IQ Test

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IQ tests date back to 1905 when Alfred Benit, a French psychologist began to “test” children of different mental capabilities. He set out to find a way to identify those students needing special programs in school and created the foundation that modern intelligence testing is based on.

Visit these five sites to take a free IQ test.

Editor’s Note: When this post was first written, all of the following IQ tests were absolutely free to take. Our readers have brought to our attention that many of the sites have switched to a “for fee” model. We are currently researching this issue and will post a new list of free sites once we verify that they are completely free. If you have a free test to add to the list, please leave it in the comments below and we will check it out. Thanks!


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The International High IQ Society

IQ Test

A score of 126 or above on one of two tests offered gets you an invitation to join this online club.


A “fast, free and accurate online IQ test.” This is a quick test, but I found it to be way too easy. You will probably see an inflated score, but it’s good for practice if you’ve never taken an IQ test before. At the end you will be asked for your email address and then you’ll see about 10 or so pages of opt-in offers. None are actually required for you to receive your score.


Be sure to check the box that indicates whether or not you want to be contacted for future mailings.


(From the website) “This IQ test measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills and general knowledge. It also measures your ability to classify things according to various attributes, and to see analogies and relations among concepts or things. It doesn’t take into consideration verbal, social, or emotional intelligence.”


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  1. Your IQ score lies within a range of 133 up to 149, or it may be even higher!

  2. So, i took the International High IQ society trial and ranged 121 – 137. Go figure…

  3. None of these are legitimate IQ tests. You need to research actual IQ tests from institutions that are highly regarded. I took a legitimate test, and received a score of 118. That was when I was drunk. Then I took one of these nonsense tests while coherent, and received a 96. These are not legitimate. I happen to be a highly regarded actor and drummer. I even owned a construction company that I started from scratch, and turned it into a real estate investment and development company. Ive appeated on two MTV videos as a drummer. I know how smart I am. These arent worth your time… nonsense.

    • This is acceptable variance on an iq test actually, a different set of questions will give you a different score sometimes.

  4. The left side vs right side brain thinking myth has been debunked…The Multiple Intelligence theory proposed by Harvard Pyschologist Howard Gardner seems more thorough. IQ tests measure specific analytical, mathematical, and relation thinking. Which says nothing for oratory, social, or artistic intelligence.

  5. I just took one at free-iq-tests-online.
    It was a really basic site. Just the test, and that’s it. It is a 60 question test and it seemed legitimate. My score came out to be 125, which is an understandable number for someone like me.
    I’m going to take some other tests though so that I can have a set of scores to compare.

  6. Umm I’m not sure if the is good I am a smart person but an IQ of 148 I’m not entirely sure that’s correct.

  7. IQ tests favours predominantly left brain thinking logic, numbers, spatial visualisation, linguistics/language

  8. The ‘’ (third from top) is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, an I.Q. test should not have within it general knowledge questions, questions that, for instance, require a familiarity with U.S. currency. What the hell were they thinking?! Proper I.Q. tests should ONLY have mathematical, spatial and pattern-recognition questions (like which letter comes next in the sequence A, E, I, M?); NOT general knowledge questions, especially not ones that deliberately disadvantage EVERYONE who isn’t a United Statesian.

    After I managed to get through this silly test, I was bombarded by ‘chances to win these wonderful prizes’, and I could not skip them. Eventually I just gave up. I don’t want your crappy prizes, I just want to do the test and get my score. Is that too much to ask for?

    Oh, and by the way, the first one – International High IQ Society – is no longer free. They have a short practice test, which is still free, but if you want to do one of the proper tests you have to pay.

    • Amen to that! It does not mean one’s iq is low just beacause they don’t know when some famous person did what or when something happened

    • Then perhaps you should suggest a site that actually works rather than blaming somebody who’s trying to be helpful. You clearly need to work on your manners.

  9. I wouldn’t take anything from psychtests too seriously. I completed the Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence test quite easily, was told I had a vocabulary sub-Factor IQ score of 126 and then had that contradicted by the sample report which said my overall verbal IQ was 11. I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t have been able to read LOTR at ten years old if I was suffering from profound mental retardation.

  10. I did the free-IQ test and got different scores, 144 and 138, for the same answers and same reported age…IQ is bogus anyway.

    • IQ is not bogus… You can get different scores with the same answers because the amount of time you take to answer each question is also factored in. Online are, however, far less accurate than an actual test that would be professionally given by a psychologist.

      • No IQ is bogus. I took a variant of the one that all these high IQ people like Marilyn Savant and Chris Langan take, entirely math-based. I found it extremely easy, so much so that I was sure that I could get every question right and I didn’t want to pay the charge. Take, for example, the fact that most Africans have a lower IQ but they don’t have down syndrome which would otherwise correlate. IQ is definitely bogus. Why should time matter when in reality we have a lifetime to do whatever we want? What does rearranging a word tell me about how to write a damn sentence? The math on IQ tests is nowhere near the math that I need to make a noted difference within any community, academic or otherwise.

        • The entire point of an IQ test is exactly what you seem to be confused about. Providing answers, making decisions , and acting upon certain things in a given amount of time. It focuses on knowledge AS WELL AS the pace your brain comprehends and processes the given situation provided. Not ALL Africans have low IQs (obviously you’re not looking very deep into your argument…) and the ones that may have low IQs sadly haven’t had the opportunity to learn very much. Just because you have a low IQ score doesn’t mean you have down syndrome. The time matters because obviously someone is smarter if they solved 2+2=4 in half a second compared to someone who took THEIR WHOLE LIFE doing so. Rearranging a word can possibly show how well your mind perseves things or how well you can make sense out of nothing; if you wanna learn how to write a sentence then you should go to elementary school. Also, no, the math probably won’t help you better your surroundings and whatnot. That’s not the point. It’s to summarize your knowledge on the matter. There are a lot of smart people in the world; that doesn’t mean they know everything or know how to do everything. Obviously, a soldier would know more about fighting, how to shoot a gun, and how to handle a combat situation better than an astronomical physicist, but may not be as knowledgable OVERALL as the scientist. An IQ test covers mental intelligence not life skills.

          • That’s a good argument, Josh. I suffer from bipolar and I have a high IQ. 144 is the ceiling on the and I scored the max on the practice test for that other one. I don’t do as well on most other online IQ tests although I have never been tested officially. 99% of all information online is false. That said, timing should be fixed for the because there is a fallacy that geniuses automatically know the answer to every question instantly. I was only able to achieve 161 on that one by memorization of the answers. Does that make my IQ 161? Certainly not. Any test that shows more then 2 standard deviations between average and a country should be fixed, but the first priority would clearly be to fix the internal structure if our test shows some major deficiency. I can see people focusing more on scores and boasting about their own country’s supposed superiority than actually internalizing and coming to that country’s aide. A lot of these ceiling tests do not measure very high IQ’s accurately. In addition to the amount of misinformation, in retrospect I think these tests are in fact more accurate than most. Of course every site is going to say that theirs is the one that is accurate but clearly this person took some time to study the problem. It is better to be centered, that is, better at neither mathematics nor verbal. Unfortunately that does not exactly describe me. Maybe in time it will because I’ve heard the claim that as cognitive decline occurs in mathematics, we become smarter at vocabulary-oriented tasks as we age.

  11. I tried the “real IQ test” and it asked me for $7 at the end without giving me a “free result”.
    Not happy.

    • So many of the ‘free IQ” tests are anything but free. Try to weed out those scams and tell us anout the truly free ones. Thanks

  12. The first one is bad. I looked at the detailed report, and I got about half as many wrong as they said I did(I got 3 wrong, after extensively checking my answers, and they got the other 3 wrong). One of their explanations was “If some cats are animals, and some animals are dogs, then some cats are definitely dogs.” They put false as the answer.

    First, some cats are not animals, all cats are animals.
    If I didn’t know what a cat was, then I could say that both neither answer is true and because either answer could be right.

    • @poke, The test is right. Think about it a little harder. Even if you change the minor into the universal affirmative that all cats are animals, it still doesn’t follow that some cats are dogs.

    • “If some cats are animals, and some animals are dogs, then some cats are definitely dogs.”

      The correct answer is false. some does not equate to definitely. If it said some cats may be dogs then the answer would be true.

      You’re looking too much into the actual truth and not using logic to reach an answer based on their statement.

    • The answer is false. They are using Categorical Syllogistis, in which case some means “At least one and possibly all”.

  13. Cool way to check IQ, Thanks to share

  14. The best one was the Psychtests, it didnt make me crazy trying to get past a ton of offfers to see the results! took about 45 mins and seemed more accurate than the other ones, the other sites were loaded with pages and pages of offers you have to skip thru to see the results

  15. Thank you so much for the links =)
    I’ve seen so many TEST IQ sites out there and they just absolutely swarm with pop up ads.
    It gets quite annoying. Thanks again!

    -Nurse Jen Doll

  16. Interesting sites. I took the first test, but it didn’t work with my firefox browser, so I used explorer.


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